Old Pool


Old Pool

(Episode: 01)

Abu Mu’awiyah Madani

‘First the fatigue of travel and plus the pouring of rain! It is better to stop here now,’ the Safri frog decided in his heart and moved aside from the path and sat on one side. In a short while, there was such a heavy rain with gusts of wind and lightening that within a few minutes, water gathered everywhere, and tall trees fell down.

‘Alas! How would I go now? Even the signs of the path have been erased by the fallen trees and the map has also been completely soaked. Moreover, it is getting dark too.’ After the rain stopped, the traveling frog was analysing the situation and getting worried.

When Safri heard the croaking voice from a distance, he felt at peace and his loneliness was alleviated. He also began to croak loudly and told other frogs about his condition in his own language.

After a little while, a few frogs were standing in front of him, but the Safri frog was surprised after seeing them, and they were surprised after seeing him. For a little while, they kept looking at each other in silence; then to confirm, they made croaking noises upon which they were satisfied that he is a frog too.

One elderly frog from among them came forward and said: ‘Everybody calls me Khabri here and all the rest of the young (frogs) are my companions. I have never seen a frog as tall and fat as you in my whole life. You are even bigger than our master, you should come to the old pond with us. Just like us, everyone else will also be very happy to see you.’

Explaining the reason for his surprise, the Safri frog said: ‘I, too, have never seen such small and slender frogs in my life! But the question is, why should I go there with you? And where is the old pond? I have never heard its name.’

Khabri said: ‘You are absolutely right! The old pond is very old just like its name, but it is in the midst of dense trees at a place that no animal knows about. There are only as many frogs as we are, and no one else. The old pond is not far from here, you can stay there comfortably. The rest is up to you to stay here alone without any help or come with us.’

Hope it would be good there! Then hurry up! It seems that it is going to rain heavily again in a short while. Safri considered it better to go with them, so he said while getting up.

Dear children, what did Safri do after going to the pool? To find out about this, wait for next month's magazine ‘Faizan-e-Madinah’.




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