Preparation for the Hereafter

Dear children! Today I will tell you about the city where there was a strange law. By the end of the year, the residents would give the stranger who would enter the city first time, a very warm welcome and would chant slogans: Long live the king! Long live the king! They then would make him their king for a year.

One day, a young man from far and wide came and entered the city. When people saw him, they started chanting the slogans “Long live the king!” “Long live the king!” and by chanting the slogans they took him to the city and got him to sit on the king’s chair. When the young man felt relaxed, he asked: What happened to the king who was before me? The people replied: We make the stranger who enters this city first time by the end of the year the king for a year and after a year we leave him in such a jungle far away from here where if he does not die of hunger, he is killed by snakes, scorpions and beasts and in this way he dies. When the young man heard about it, he got very frightened, but then controlling himself he said: Show me the place where you leave every king after a year. People took him there. He examined the place minutely and then during his reign of one year he did great pieces of work in that place, provided the people with great relief and peace and got a beautiful road constructed that connected the city to the same jungle. He also got constructed many shops having food items on the roadside and then brought people from far and wide to populate it. The jungle from which people would be frightened then became a beautiful city and people started coming from far and wide to see it. When one year of his kingship came to an end, he said: Leave me at the place too where you would leave other kings. The people said: From today you are our permanent king. We would leave the kings there who would forget the later life after gaining a prosperous life of one year. They would forget that they also had to go there where there was no human, where only snakes, scorpions and beasts lived.

Whereas you have not forgotten the later life in a one-year kingship of yours and for this, you have done all the things before. You are a wise and far-sighted man and for this reason, now you will continue to be our permanent king.

Dear children! From this parable, we have learnt that the time duration of the worldly life is for few years, and the Hereafter life is everlasting. The Hereafter life of the person who performs virtuous deeds here will be good. He will see their benefits in the grave, in the Plain of Mahshar, in Paradise and everywhere. If he does not make worldly life good, does not perform virtuous deeds, he will suffer loss in the form of suffering and torment in the grave, in the Plain of Mahshar, in Hell and everywhere. Wise is he who spends this short life in good deeds so that his Hereafter life, which is everlasting, shall be nice and good.




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