Words of wisdom

Fragrance shall emanate from speech

1. Disliked person

Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah Bin Mas’ood رَضِىَ اللّٰەُ عَنْهُ has said: I dislike seeing any person doing nothing, neither busy with any worldly act nor preparing for the Hereafter. (Hilya-tul-Awliya, vol. 1, pp. 178, Raqm 402)

2. Three qualities of an Islamic scholar

Sayyiduna Abu Haazim رَحْمَةُ اللّٰەِ عَلَيْه has said: You cannot become an Islamic scholar unless you have three qualities. (1) Do not disobey those who are older than you. (2) Do not despise those who are younger than you. (3) Do not use your knowledge to earn Dunya. (Hilya-tul-Awliya, vol. 3, pp. 280, Raqm 3964)

3. Disadvantage of overeating

Sayyiduna Imam Ghazali رَحْمَةُ اللّٰەِ عَلَيْه has said: Overeating causes Fitnah [disruption] in the organs and one inclines to indulge in the indecent and mischievous acts. (Minhaj-ul-‘Aabideen, pp. 82)

4. Harm caused by talebearer

Sayyiduna Yahya Bin Abu Kaseer رَحْمَةُ اللّٰەِ عَلَيْه has said: A talebearer causes such a great turmoil in a moment which a magician cannot do [even] in a month. (Hilya-tul-Awliya, vol. 3, pp. 88, Raqm 3258)

Ahmad Raza’s garden is even blossoming today

1. Excellence of an Islamic scholar

An ignorant person cannot attain the excellence of an Islamic scholar. (Fatawa Razawiyyah, vol. 23, pp. 686)

2. How can Huqooq-ul-‘Ibaad be forgiven?

All Huqooq-ul-‘Ibaad (rights of people) are such that they cannot be forgiven unless the person whose right has been violated, forgives them. (Fatawa Razawiyyah, vol. 24, pp. 372)

3. Harm of the displeasure of father

No Fard, Nafl and any other righteous act will (absolutely) be accepted unless one pleases his father. Besides the torment of Hereafter, a terrible calamity will befall such a person even during his lifetime; there is a fear of not getting the privilege of reciting Kalimah at the time of death. (Fatawa Razawiyyah, vol. 24, pp. 384)

How beautiful garden is Attar’s garden

1. A treatment for headache

It is Sunnah to apply oil on eyebrows. It also cures headache. (Madani Muzakarah, 25 Jumadal Ukhra, 1438 Hijri)

2. Follow Shari’ah even in the worldly matters

We should carry out those acts which are completely as per Islamic Shari’ah, to get the worldly benefits too. (Madani Muzakarah, 04 Muharram-ul-Haraam, 1436 Hijri)

3. Islamic scholars are my community

Those who have strong eagerness for giving me financial support should serve ‘Sunni Islamic scholars with correct beliefs’ living in their areas, for they are my community. (Madani Muzakarah, 05 Muharram-ul-Haraam, 1436 Hijri)




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