Winter foods

Dry fruits are also among the numerous blessings of Allah Almighty. They are consumed more in winter due to their warm efficacy. It is highly enjoyable to eat dry fruits in the cold nights of winter while being cosy in the bed. Few of the following things are although expensive, but keeping their benefits in view, do eat some of them and attain their benefits:

1. Almonds

٭ Sour and Persian almonds are beneficial against cancer.

٭ Almonds are good for the eyesight and memory.

٭ Consuming almonds removes acidity and dandruff. (Bayta Ho to Aysa, pp. 33-35)

2. Pistachio

٭ Pistachio strengthens heart and brain, grows a healthy body, removes the weakness of the kidneys and strengthens the memory.

٭ Consuming pistachio is good for cough. (Kitab-ul-Mufradaat, pp. 156; Bayta Ho to Aysa, pp. 36)

3. Dried dates

٭ Dried dates produce clean blood, increase hunger and grow a healthy body.

٭ It strengthens the back and kidneys. (Kitab-ul-Mufradaat, pp. 222)

4. Walnut

٭ The roasted kernel of walnut is good for winter cough.

٭ Applying walnut on small pimples (that appear on the body), after chewing it removes the pimple marks. (Kitab-ul-Mufradaat, pp. 68)

5. Pine nuts

٭ Pine nuts remove phlegm and increase hunger.

٭ Licking syrup made of peeled pine nuts mixed with a little bit of honey is good for phlegmy cough. (Kitab-ul-Mufradaat, pp. 211)

6. Figs

٭ Figs are good for joint aches, piles, cough and asthma.

٭ Figs beautify facial complexion and quench thirst. (Gharaylu ‘Ilaj, pp. 111-112)




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