Strawberry and Garlic

Strawberry and its benefits

The red-coloured delicious strawberry fruit is not only beautiful in appearance, but is also highly beneficial for the human health. It carries cool effectiveness. Few health benefits of strawberry are given below:

٭ Strawberry protects against heart diseases and diabetes. It is for the reason that the medical experts have declared it one of the best fruits for a healthy heart.

٭ Strawberry is also beneficial for people having high blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

٭ Strawberry contains a compound called ‘ellagic acid’ which has anti-cancer properties and prevents cancer cells’ proliferation.

٭ Consuming strawberry is beneficial during throat cancer.

٭ Strawberry strengthens eyesight and cures cataract.

٭ Strawberry strengthens the immune system and maintains strong defence against the diseases as well.

٭ Strawberry prevents constipation and intestine swelling.

٭ Strawberry keeps the skin soft and smooth, and keeps the face fresh as well as it slows down the process of appearance of wrinkles with growing age.

٭ Strawberry controls arthritis and weight gain. (Derived from different Internet websites; Rasaail-e-Tibb, vol. 2, pp. 212)

Note: Use all medicines with the consultation of your physician only.

Garlic and its benefits

Garlic is considered to be one of the most important elements of many foods. It has warm effectiveness so the medical experts have declared it as the best tonic against cold. Garlic has many medical benefits. Some advantages are as follows:

٭ In winter, garlic prevents cold, flu and cough.

٭ Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It removes harmful bacteria present in the stomach causing illness and makes you healthy and safe from many diseases.

٭ Garlic makes the blood thinner which resultantly flows fast in your body. Moreover, if your blood arteries start getting blocked, use garlic daily on an empty stomach. You will feel a positive change in your health very soon.

٭ Garlic protect against a number of diseases mentioned below:

Asthma and many other respiratory diseases, intestinal diseases, skin diseases, high blood pressure, paralysis, facial paralysis, tremor disorder, amnesia, cancer, (TB) tuberculosis, headache, toothache, gland swelling, physical weakness, voice loss, chronic fever and epilepsy. In addition to it, it protects against diabetes and keeps the cholesterol level low.

(Phalon Sabziyon kay Fawa`id, pp. 112; derived from different Internet websites)

Note: Eating raw garlic causes smell in the mouth. Therefore it is impermissible to enter Masjid until mouth still smells, as it distresses the angels. (Bahar-e-Shari’at, vol. 1, pp. 648)




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