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honey in place of sugar. One should often consume salads and cucumbers etc.

The use of olive oil in every type of food would be very beneficial. (If you do not have olive oil, use a little amount of corn oil). Prior to eating, remove all clarified butter or oil that appears on the top of the food with a spoon in such a way that not a single drop remains in the plate. It is not permissible to throw away this oil or clarified butter without the permission of Sharī’aĥ as it would lead to the sin of wasting. Reuse this clarified butter or oil. You should also refrain from eating rice, cow or goat-meat, every type of butter, egg-yolk, cake-pastries, chocolates, sweets, fried salty items, creamy items, sweet dishes, sweet delicacies, ice creams, cold drinks, pakoras, kebabs, and samosas. Avoid every fatty, oily and sweet food.

By refraining from these items, you would be able to reduce your weight and look fit and healthy, اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه عَزَّوَجَلَّ. Food-charts are also available at clinics which you may follow to maintain your weight. It is better to first discuss (your condition) with your doctor before you attempt to reduce your weight. If possible, try to consult only one doctor because he would become familiar with your bodily conditions and would be able to treat you properly. If you keep changing doctors then each would treat you according to his knowledge and experience and you would become a medical experiment for each one.

Four cures for constipation

In the 2nd volume of Qūt-ul-Qulūb (page 365), it is stated that if defecation (excretion of faeces) takes place within 6 hours of eating or it does not take place even after 24 hours, then this condition indicates an ill stomach. Arthritis (i.e. pain in joints) is caused by preventing the release of gas from the body. If the running water of

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