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diarrhoea, indigestion, fever, weakness and extreme fatigue. One doctor reports that three such patients who ate pizza visited him last week. One of the patients had to be hospitalised for two days. There are also other doctors who had presented their reports in this specific article and all concluded that, ‘Consuming pizzas and other market fast foods is tantamount to inviting diseases.’

Dear Islamic brothers! Use of fast foods, pizzas and other fried foods increases the cholesterol level in blood. High cholesterol levels harden and narrow blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart problems. If a patient is in the habit of smoking and has diabetes, there is a high risk of him suffering from stroke or a heart attack. If one wants to have a healthy body, it is very important to consume fresh and simple food and to maintain a proper body weight as this assists in reducing cholesterol levels and obesity.

Story of consumer of pizza

An Islamic brother has given the following statement: ‘I was a very thin and slim person. Before joining Dawat-e-Islami I had some modern friends. We used to compete for eating the most food and, in most cases, I used to win the competition. Despite excessive eating, my body was still thin. Then, due to my friendship with a keen consumer of pizza, I got into the habit of eating pizza and drinking pepsi. When I ate pizza for the first time, my weight was around 60 kg. Initially, I would eat pizza just once a month or once every two months but I gradually became so fond of it that I started eating pizza even twice a week. I would also drink either pepsi or coca-cola and enjoyed eating mayonnaise. Slowly my weight began to increase and I was under the false impression that at last ‘Now I am getting healthy.’ Little did I realise that I was actually heading for my doom. I did not know that pizza was increasing cholesterol in my blood and slowly affecting my heart. My weight steadily increased till I was

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