Book Name:Budha Pujari

by the most heinous act of burying infant girls alive as soon as they were born and sometimes they would even slaughter humans to propitiate their idols.

This act of extreme brutality was committed in such a way that at specific timings a white camel or a human used to be brought for this purpose and they would circumambulate the sacred place three times singing hymns, thereafter, the chief of the tribe or the aged worshipper would make a first quick blow striking that camel or human and would drink some of its blood. Then attendees would rush towards the slaughtered white camel or a human, tearing it to pieces and would devour it raw!

In short, brutality and barbarism prevailed in pre-Islamic Arab culture. During the battles, burning men alive, slitting the stomach of women, slaughtering children and tossing them on spears in the battle fields were not considered the evil and offensive types of acts.

Miserable condition of the world

This miserable and pathetic condition was not just confined to the Arabia; in fact the entire world was plunged into darkness. Thus, majority of Persian people used to worship fire and commit incest with their own mothers. Most of the Turkish people were engaged in destroying, ravaging, plundering and


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