Book Name:Doodh Pita Madani Munna

Listening to this, the child replied, ‘If it is so, gift me this donkey and assume that it has run away, I will be thankful to you.’ That person said that I stood speechless after listening to the reply of that child. (Kitab-ul-Azkiya li Ibn Al-Jawzi, pp. 248)

Dear Madani children! Make a habit of keeping your things, toys, shoes etc., at their specific places instead of leaving them here and there; otherwise there is a risk of losing them. Till this page, all 15 parables were true and now listen to 2 unreal stories with good moral lessons:

16. Unique remedy for angry child

There was a very ill-tempered child; he would quarrel and speak ill of others on small matters. His parents tried their level best to teach him to overcome his anger but all their efforts were in vain. One day his father hit upon a plan, he gave large number of nails to his son and took him to the back side wall of his house and said, ‘O my dear son! Whenever you vent your anger on somebody, or quarrel, hammer a nail into this wall.’

On the very first day, he lost his temper and quarrelled 37 times so he drove 37 nails into the wall. Within a few days, he got exhausted and learnt that it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the wall. He told his problem to his father. His father said, ‘When you lose your temper and after you have controlled it, pull one nail out of the wall.’ The child did as per instruction and in a short time, the child finally


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