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Book Name:Dawateislami Ka Taruf

Madani Channel

If a fire worshiper happens to open a hotel in any Muslim area, it will be difficult to convince everyone that eating meat or any meet-food from this hotel is a sin and arām. If it so happens that a Muslim also opens a hotel in the same area, the problem is expected to be overcome automatically, because it will become easy to persuade the Muslims to eat in  the Muslim’s hotel only. Similar is the case with TV which is now present in almost every home. Every wise Muslim is well aware of the widespread evils of TV in our society. Even though the preachers of Dawat-e-Islami tried their level best to eradicate TV from society, they achieved little success in this regard.

Unfortunately, most people are so fascinated by TV that it seems they cannot resist watching TV despite being aware of its ill-effects on their worldly life as well as afterlife. As a result of people’s extreme fascination by TV, not only is Satan ruining their character but also attacking Islamic values and virtues. Anti-Islam forces are also striving to distort Islamic teachings under the guise of ‘Modern Islam’, stifling the real spirit of Islam.

In these circumstances, if we condemn the use of TV by speeches in Masājid, considerable change is not expected as hardly 5% Muslims are regular with Ṣalāĥ in Masjids, and further, most of those offering Ṣalāĥ in Masājid have little interest in listening to Islamic speeches. Moreover, Islamic sisters are further excluded as they are not allowed to come to Masjids, how then will they be informed of the speeches being delivered in Masājid? If we publish Islamic literature in the

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