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Book Name:Dawateislami Ka Taruf

The present business trend is that if the demand for a product increases, its manufacturers focus on increasing its quantity for earning more and more money rather than maintaining its quality. The same situation was observed as regards books. The trend of selling books full of terrible printing mistakes grew rapidly. In an effort to overcome this alarming situation, many Islamic book shop owners and new authors & compilers were invited and a full-fledged Madanī Mashwaraĥ was held, making them feel the fear of perpetual sin as a result of the possible spread of the distortion of Islamic teachings due to the printing of unauthentic books. This made a good impact on them.

Therefore, in order to prevent the spread of the distortion of Islamic teachings among Muslims and the resultant perpetual sin due to the printing of unauthentic books, the ‘Majlis-e-Taftīsh-e-Kutub-o-Rasāil’ (the department for the authentication of books and booklets) has been established. This Majlis goes through different writers and compilers’ books in terms of beliefs, blasphemy, morality, Arabic grammar and Shar’ī rulings and issues a verification certificate afterwards.

Different Courses

Different courses are held for the training of the preachers. For example, 41-day Madanī Qāfilaĥ & Madanī In’āmāt course, 63-day Tarbīyyatī course, Imāmat course, Mudarris course etc. In order to spread call to righteousness among the dumb, the

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