Book Name:Singhon wali Dulhan

But extremely regretfully! We do not pay attention towards the simple cures offered by our Shari’at. Besides using medicines, we should try Ta’wizaat, with firm belief, provided by Shari’ah-following exorcists. Some people obtain the Ta’weez but want to see its effect instantly. The same people continue to use the medicines prescribed by doctors for months even if the medicines produce no effect. Usually people change the doctor and start taking another similar medicine with a different name and continue to do so for months. Even if not cured, they do not get disappointed. On the other hand, those using Ta’weez or requesting someone to pray for them soon lose hope, getting disappointed and giving up the spiritual cure, which is a very sad fact.

Remember! There are different kinds of diseases. Sometimes a patient gets cured by taking only one tablet whereas some other patient needs to take medicines for months or even years. Similarly, a patient approaching the stall of Ta’wizaat-e-Attariyyah may be cured only by making one Dam and some other may take some weeks or months to get cured. In any case, we should not give up the cure. However, one should be cautious before he approaches an exorcist as some exorcists may cause harm instead of bringing benefits.

As we rely on the efficacy [i.e. effectiveness] of the medicines prescribed by doctors, we should also have perfect belief in the Ta’wizaat and Awraad suggested by Shari’ah-following exorcists.


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