Book Name:Musafir ki Namaz

Meaning of ‘travelling beyond the populated areas’

To ‘travel beyond the populated areas’ means that one has travelled past the populated areas along the route of one’s intended travel, even if the populated areas have not ended in the direction parallel to it. (Ghunyaĥ, pp. 536)

Definition of ‘surroundings’ of a city

To become a Shar’ī traveller, it is not necessary for a city-dweller to travel beyond the village adjacent to the outskirts of his city. Similarly, it is also not necessary for him to cross the orchards adjacent to the outskirts of the city, even if the caretakers and workers of those orchards live in them.

(Rad-dul-Muḥtār, vol. 2, pp. 722)

Outside the outskirts of the city, if certain places are dedicated for particular activities of city-dwellers like a graveyard, a racecourse and a dumping ground and they are adjacent to the city, then it is necessary to cross them. If there is some distance between these places and the city, then it is not necessary to cross them. (ibid)

The condition for becoming a traveller

In order to become a Shar’ī traveller, the travelling person must have the intention of travelling the distance of three days (i.e. approximately 92 km), from the place of his departure. If he


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