Book Name:Musafir ki Namaz

for complete fifteen days. This ruling will apply when he has travelled complete three-days-distance (that is approximately 92 km). Hence if he intends to return before covering the distance of three days (that is approximately 92 km), he is no longer a traveller even if he is in a jungle.

(‘Ālamgīrī, vol. 1, pp. 139; Durr-e-Mukhtār, vol. 2, pp. 728)

Ruling on impermissible journey

Whether the journey is aimed at doing anything permissible or impermissible, the rulings of a traveller will apply.

(‘Ālamgīrī, vol. 1, pp. 139)

Employer and employee travelling together

If an employee earning salary on a monthly or annual basis travels with his employer, then he is a follower of his employer. An obedient son is a follower of his father and a student whose teacher provides him with food is a follower of his teacher. The intention of the leader will be deemed to be the intention of the follower. Therefore, the follower should ask the leader about his intention and act as per his reply [i.e. if his leader is a traveller, the follower will also offer shortened alāĥ]. If the leader did not give any reply, then the follower must see whether his leader is a traveller or a resident. If the leader is a traveller, then the follower should also consider himself as a traveller and if the leader is a resident, the follower should also consider himself as a resident.


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