Book Name:Namaz e Eid Ka Tariqa

What to do if somebody misses a part of Eid Jamā’at?

If someone joins the Jamā’at in the first Rak’at after the Imām has uttered the Takbīrāt, he should utter the three Takbīrāt (other than the Takbīr-e-Tarīmaĥ) instantly even if the Imām has commenced recitation. Utter only three Takbīrāt even though the Imām uttered more than three Takbīrāt. If the Imām bent for Rukū’ before you uttered Takbīrāt, then don’t utter them in a standing posture. Instead, perform Rukū’ with the Imām and utter the Takbīrāt in the Rukū’. However, if the Imām is in Rukū’ and there is a strong likelihood that you can utter the Takbīrāt and join the Imām in Rukū’, then utter them whilst you are standing and perform Rukū’. Otherwise, bend for Rukū’ uttering ‘اَللّٰهُ اَكۡبَر’ and then utter the Takbīrāt in Rukū’. If the Imām raises his head from Rukū’ before you finish the Takbīrāt in Rukū’ then do not utter the remaining Takbīrāt; they are no longer required.

If you joined the Jamā’at after the Imām had performed the Rukū’ then do not utter the Takbīrāt, utter them when you offer the remaining part of your alāĥ (after the Imām performs Salām). Do not raise your hands when uttering the missed Takbīrāt in Rukū.’

If you join the Jamā’at in the second Rak’at, then don’t utter the missed Takbīrāt of the first Rak’at now; instead, utter them when performing the remaining part of your alāĥ. Likewise, if you succeed in uttering the Takbīrāt of the second Rak’at with


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