Book Name:Namaz e Eid Ka Tariqa

down from the pulpit, whereas uttering these Takbīrāt is not Sunnaĥ for Jumu’aĥ sermon. (Baĥār-e-Sharī’at, vol. 1, pp. 783; Durr-e-Mukhtār, vol. 3, pp. 67; Ālamgīrī, vol. 1, pp. 150)

Twenty Sunan and desirable acts of Eid

The following acts are Mustaab on the day of Eid:

1.         To get hair cut (get your hair cut according to Sunnaĥ, not according to the English styles).

2.         To cut nails.

3.         To take a bath.

4.         To use a Miswāk (this is in addition to using it during Wuū).

5.         To wear nice clothes, either new, if available, or washed ones.

6.         To apply perfume.

7. To wear a ring (Islamic brothers are allowed to wear only one silver ring which weighs less than 4.5 Masha (i.e. 4.365 grams). There must be only one gem in the ring; they shouldn’t wear the ring without a gem either. There is no limit for the weight of the gem. They are not allowed to wear more than one ring. Except for a silver ring with the

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