Book Name:Qabar ka Imtihan

turned into tears, cries and sadness. A shroud was bought, a grave was dug and the dead body of the unfortunate groom was put into a coffin. Alas! The bridegroom who was to have headed happily for the illuminated room of his marriage wearing the garland of fragrant and blooming roses sitting in a well-decorated car just after a few hours, he is now being taken to the dark and desolate cemetery. Instead of entering the illuminated and decorated room of his marriage, he is going to enter the dark grave full of insects. He is no longer wearing the attractive dress of his marriage, instead, he has been wrapped in a simple white shroud, and at last, he was buried in his grave.

Terrifying Sight of the Grave

Dear Islamic Brothers! Just like this, one day, we will also be laid into our frightening grave. Yes! We will be able to see the people burying us and putting soil over us but we will not be able to speak. After the burial, those who used to dote on us will leave us alone in our grave. We will be hearing their footsteps, our heart will be sinking. Suddenly, two angels, Munkar and Nakīr, having long black hair and frightening faces, will cut through the wall of the grave with their sharp and long teeth. Flames of fire will be coming out of their eyes, they will make us sit upright. They will ask questions in a very fierce way. Oh you who are concerned about worldly tests only! Oh you who watch films and dramas! Oh you who listen to music! Oh you who shave your beards and reduce them to less than a fist-length! Oh you who earn Ḥarām and give and take interest and bribery! Oh you who oppress others taking unfair advantage of

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