Book Name:Madani Wasiyat Nama

10.   The grave should be about 8 inches high or a bit more than that.[1]

11.   To sprinkle water over the grave after the burial is Sunnaĥ.[2]

12.   Afterwards, sprinkling water for some plant etc. is permitted.

13.   Some people sprinkle water over the grave of their relative just as a formality without any real purpose, this is Isrāf and impermissible. It is stated on page 373 of the 9th volume of Fatāwā Razawiyyaĥ: To pour water needlessly over the grave is the waste of water, which is not permissible.

14.   After the deceased is buried, it is Mustaab to recite from الٓــمّٓ to مُفْلِحُوْن on the head side of the grave and from         اٰمَنَ الرَّسُوْلُ to the end of the Sūraĥ on the feet side.[3]

15.   Make Talqīn (its method is described in the footnote of page 7).

16.   To lay flowers over the grave is better because they will glorify Allah عَـزَّوَجَـلَّ for as long as they remain fresh, delighting the deceased.[4]

17.   Call out the Ażān whilst standing near the head side of the grave and facing the Qiblaĥ.[5]

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