Book Name:Madani Wasiyat Nama

grave from the Qiblaĥ side. Do not bring the deceased (into the grave) from the head side after placing the bier at the foot side of the grave.[1]

2.       As per requirement, 2 or 3 pious and strong persons should go down into the grave. The body of a woman should be lowered by her Maārim. If they are not present, the relatives may do it, and if they are not present either, pious persons may be asked to do it.[2]

3.       After the woman’s body is lowered into the grave, keep her covered with some shawl unless slabs are laid.

4.       Read this supplication when lowering the deceased into the grave:

بِسْمِ اللّٰہِ  وَ بِا للّٰہِ  وَ عَلٰی  مِلَّۃِ  رَسُوْلِ  اللّٰہ  [3]

5.       Lay the deceased on its right side and make him face the Qiblaĥ. Untie the strings of the Lifāfaĥ. Even if not untied, there is no still harm in it.[4]



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