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feet. Then wrap the Izār from the left side first and then from the right side. At the end, wrap the Lifāfaĥ from the left side first and then from the right side in such a way that the right side remains on the top. Then tie the shroud at both ends, i.e. the head side end as well as the feet side one.

Method to shroud corpse of woman

After making the deceased woman wear the Qamī, divide her hair in two parts and place them over the Qamī on the chest. Place the head-cover under the back and bring it up to the chest, covering the head with it like a face-veil. Its length should be up to below half of the back and its width should be from one ear lobe to the other. Some people cover the head with the head-cover the way women use scarf over their heads in their lifetime; this is contrary to Sunnaĥ. Then wrap the Izār and the Lifāfaĥ as described earlier. At the end, spread the breast-cover across the body area from breasts to thighs and tie it with some string.[1]

Burial after the funeral Salah

1.          It is Mustaab to place the bier towards the Qiblaĥ side of the grave so that the deceased may be lowered in to the


[1] Nowadays, Lifāfaĥ is placed at the end in shroud of woman. There is no harm in it but it is better to put the chest cover at the end.

* See method of lifting the corpse and method of funeral prayer in ‘Laws of Salah’.

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