Book Name:Madani Wasiyat Nama

and washing of the nose. Instead, wet some cotton wool and clean the teeth, gums, lips and nostrils with it. Then wash the hair of the head and the beard.

Now, making the deceased lie on his left side, pour tepid water (the water boiled with berry leaves is preferable) from head up to the feet such that the water flows up to the plank. Then, make the deceased lie on his right side, and flow water in the same way. Now make the deceased sit by supporting his back and move your hand gently over the lower part of his belly. If something is excreted, wash it away. Repetition of Wuū and Ghusl is not needed. At the end, pour camphor-mixed water from head to toe three times. Gently dry the body with some clean piece of cloth. Pouring water once over the entire body is Far and pouring it thrice is Sunnaĥ. (Do not use water in excess when bathing the deceased. Remember that one will be held accountable in the Hereafter for every single drop of water.)

Method to shroud corpse of man

Move the burning fragrant incense around the shroud 1, 3, 5 or 7 times. Then spread the pieces of shroud in such a way that the Lifāfaĥ is spread first, then the Izār over it and then the Qamī. Place the deceased on it and make him wear the Qamī. Now apply fragrance over the beard (if there is no beard, then apply it over the chin) and over the entire body. Apply camphor over the body parts placed on the ground during Sajdaĥ (in alāĥ) i.e. the forehead, the nose, the hands, the knees and the

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