Book Name:Shaitan kay baaz hathyar

the rich, is a arām act leading to Hell. Even if someone has relations with a rich person with no such reason, there is still no harm in it provided Sharī’aĥ has allowed it. However, the one having aimless friendship with a materialistic person or keeping his company is likely to suffer loss rather than gain any benefit. It is, therefore, appropriate especially for the Islamic scholars, the righteous and the preachers etc. to avoid it so that people would not indulge in the sins of bad suspicions.

Are condolences from VIPs a privilege for one’s afterlife?

Sorry to say, you have mentioned in your mail that some VIPs also visited your home to offer condolences over the demise of your mother. This is usually possible for such a person who has relations with them. If he does not have personal relations with them, he at times uses some other influential person to convince the VIP to ‘honour’ the family members of the deceased with the ‘privilege’ of his visit. However, the visit of Madanī personalities, i.e. the scholars and the righteous is indeed a great privilege in the worldly life as well as in the afterlife.

As for the visit of the VIP or the officer, it can just bring fame to the bereaved family members. Can the official status of an officer bring any benefit to the deceased in his afterlife! Certainly not! Therefore, it is not appropriate to have the desire of the visit of such people on account of their official status. Similarly, rejoicing and boasting about their visit saying such a sentence


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