Book Name:Shaitan kay baaz hathyar

deeds and wealth to be their personal achievements: Under the first category is the person who fears that his favour may be changed or lost. Such a person is not a self-satisfied one. Under the second category is the person who does not fear the loss of his favour but is happy and satisfied with the fact that it is Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ Who has granted him the favour, and he has not achieved it merely through his personal efforts. Such a person is not also a self-satisfied one.

In addition to the foregoing two categories, there is another category that leads to self-satisfaction. This category includes the person who does not fear the loss of his favour or any reduction in it but rather he is delighted to have attained it, considering it a great honour for him. The reason why this self-satisfied person gets delighted is that he considers the favour to be his personal achievement, not a divine bestowment.’ (Iḥyā-ul-‘Ulūm, vol. 3, pp. 454)

Self-satisfaction with religious services

At times, a person apparently performs good deeds, but fails to gain any benefit from them. Unable to resist the attack of Satan, such a person brags about his deeds saying such sentences as   ‘I perform many good deeds; I do a lot of religious work; I have done this and that, etc.’ This person forgets that it is Allah عَـزَّوَجَـلَّ Who has enabled him to perform these deeds. Such braggarts should have fear, as Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ has said in verse 104 of Sūraĥ Al-Kaĥf, part 16:


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