Book Name:Shaitan kay baaz hathyar

What does condolence mean?

The word ‘condolence’ here means to advise the depressed person to observe patience. To offer condolence is Masnūn (i.e. Sunnaĥ). (Baĥār-e-Sharī’at, vol. 1, pp. 852)

Displeased got pleased

At times, a person enjoys the fruits of offering condolence and comforting the depressed even in the world. The following incident took place when I was the Imām of Nūr Masjid, Paper Market, Karachi. There was an Islamic brother who was very close to me in the beginning, but after some time he started to remain apart from me, which I did not realize.

One day after alāt-ul-Fajr, I came to know about the demise of his father. I went to his house instantly; his father had not been given Ghusl[1] yet. I prayed for his father, recited Fāti and returned. I also attended the funeral alāĥ, went to the graveyard and participated actively in his burial. This brought about great benefits. That Islamic brother himself revealed to me: ‘Someone had brainwashed me into having a grudge against you. Provoked by him, I began to avoid you to such an extent that I used to hide [somewhere] when I saw you coming. But the sympathies you have shown over the demise of my father have changed the state of my heart altogether. The person who had provoked me has not even attended the funeral of my late father.’


[1] A method of giving bath to a dead person as defined by Sharī’aĥ

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