Book Name:Halal Tariqay Say Kamanay Kay 50 Madani Phool

An employee should note down the correct time of his arrival and departure in the attendance register. If he dishonestly writes incorrect time and receives full salary without performing full duty, he will be a sinner and deserve torment of hellfire.

If an employee who has entered the employment contract with specified working time leaves office before the official time ends, it will be impermissible to give and to receive salary from endowed money in this case no matter he had no work to do or had finished his work earlier than the ending of the official time. In fact, his salary will be deducted if he leaves early. For example if someone leaves 3 hours earlier than the actual [office] timings then the salary of 3 hours would be deducted. However, in a private organization if the employer knowingly gives full salary with his consent then it is permissible.  

Many organizations grant employees medical leaves. If an employee who is not ill gets medical leaves by telling a lie or showing a fabricated medical report he will be a sinner. The doctor deliberately issuing fabricated reports or prescription will also be a sinner and deserve hellfire.

Some organizations provide their employees with free medical facilities. Grabbing medicines from these organizations by making false excuses or receiving medicines for someone else by telling or getting your

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