Book Name:Halal Tariqay Say Kamanay Kay 50 Madani Phool

early and also asks his subordinate to leave! The officer who has left early is certainly a sinner. If the employee also leaves early, then he will be a sinner too. Therefore, it is Wajib (Mandatory) to remain in the office till the end of the specified working hours even if there is no work to do. Whosoever leaves early will have to get his salary deducted.

The ruling of the wage of an employee


Question: If an employee reaches on time but the person who possesses the office keys arrives late or he is absent due to which the office remains closed, so the employee who  arrives on time will have to get his salary deducted or will he receive full salary?

Answer: There are two types of employees; permanent employees (i.e. salaried employees) and daily waged employees. In both cases, paying or not paying wages depends upon established norms or agreed terms and conditions. According to the established norms, a permanent employee is given full salary in the above cases. Whereas, the daily waged employee is not given the salary. However, if the established norms of some area are different, then they would be followed. Similarly,
if something is explicitly decided, then it will be handled accordingly no matter whatever established norms.

(Fatawa-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat unpublished)


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