An Introduction to Majlis Maktoobat-o-Ta'weezat-e-'Attariyyah (an overview)

Madani intention: To earn the pleasure of Allah عزوجل by consoling the grief-stricken Ummah of the Beloved Prophet صلی اللہ تعالٰی علیہ وسلم.

1. Ta'weezat-e-Attariyyah

Till the writing of this introduction on 08 November, 2014, Ta'weezat-e-'Attariyyah are being delivered worldwide free of cost just for earning the pleasure of Allah عزوجلin about 730 localities of Pakistan, at more than 200 regions of the world and also through 5 services available on the website of Dawat-e-Islami ( with the facility of home delivery.

By the blessings of:

Shaykh-e-Tareeqat, Maulana Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razavi دامت برکاتھم العالیہ, the great spiritual and scholarly luminary of the 15th century, approximately 250,000 patients and their representatives are benefitted through the delivery of more than half a million of Ta'weezat (amulets) and Awraad monthly, for free. In this way, approximately 3 million grief-stricken people are provided with about 6 million Ta'weezat and Awraad annually, free of cost.

Stalls of Islamic sisters

الحمدللہ عزوجل The stalls for Islamic sisters are also installed weekly at 81 locations in Pakistan, where the dealings for Ta'weezat takes place between Islamic sisters only. Thousands of Islamic sisters are benefitted monthly from these stalls.

2. Maktoobat-e-Attariyyah

Numerous letters, chits, and emails are received by Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat and the Majlis every month. By the blessings of Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat دامت برکاتھم العالیہ, the answers to the problems are provided to about 70,000 Islamic brothers and sisters by hand, via emails or by postal service with the facility of home delivery.Awraad annually, free of cost.

3. Online Istikharah

الحمدللہ عزوجل There remains a rush of phone calls every day from the people of the entire world who contact for conducting the Istikharah. Approximately 50,000 Islamic brothers contact through this service monthly.(Islamic sisters should not contact)


Online Istikharah is carried out daily from 9 am to 5 am of the next day (for continuous 20 hours) on this number: 0092-21 34858711


Istikharah service is not available from Maghrib of Thursday to Friday 9 am and from Sunday 9 am to 6 pm. Islamic sisters should not contact directly; instead they may ask some male of their household to contact for Istikharah.

4. Spiritual cure (Ruhani Ilaj) and Istikharah

الحمدللہ عزوجل A serial namely 'Ruhani 'Ilaj-o-Istikharah' is televised live on Madani Channel thrice a week.

5. Consoling Ijtima'aat

The Ijtima'aat are held for consoling the dejected Islamic brothers at various cities within and outside Pakistan, by this Majlis. In these Ijtima'aat, Salat-ul-Haajaat is offered, Sunnaĥ-inspiring speeches are delivered, and Ijtima'i(collective) Du'a is made. In addition, Istikharah service, a special treatment for the patients of jaundice and cure for ailments through Ta'weezat-e-'Attariyyah are also arranged in these Ijtima'aat.

الحمدللہ عزوجل Thousands of Islamic brothers attend these Ijtima'aat and many of them become regular in attending the weekly Ijtima'aat and several travel with the Madani Qafilah on the spot.

Services of Majlis Maktoobat-o-Ta'weezat-e-'Attariyyah on Website

6. Istikharah via email

Service of Istikharah via email is also available on the website of Dawat-e-Islami; hundreds of requests are received through it daily.

7. Hatho Hath Kaat

Through the facility of Kaat service on the website of Dawat-e-Islami, Islamic brothers from the entire world send their problems by using the Online Kaat service available on the website of Dawat e Islami to the Majlis for Kaat. The Majlis carries out Kaat of everyone daily. الحمدللہ عزوجل In this way the grief-stricken people are being benefitted at their homes.

Note: This treatment is useful for every sort of illness, trouble, domestic dispute, law suits, jinnaat, magic, bindings on business, evil eye, theft/loss of documents, assets or person; in short it is helpful for every lawful issue.

8. Ruhani 'Ilaj (Spiritual Cure) [Ta'weezat-e-'Attariyyah]

Through the facility of Ruhani 'Ilaj on the website of Dawat-e-Islami, the dejected people from the entire world get the remedy of their problems, adversities, unemployment, jinnat and magic. Thousands of Islamic brothers and sisters use this service and be the blessings of Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat دامت برکاتھم العالیہ, Maktoobat-o-Ta'weezat-e-'Attariyyah are delivered to them by post. الحمدللہ عزوجل Countless grief-stricken and distressed people are being benefitted by this service as well.

9. Email Service

Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat دامت برکاتھم العالیہ, and the Majlis receive thousands of emails daily from all over the world, in which Islamic brothers and sisters mention their problems and other issues, and ask to make Du'a for them. The email address is:

10. For becoming a Mureed

Thousands of people use this service available on the website of Dawat-e-Islami to become "Attari" every month. They are entered into the 'Attariyyah lineage and a letter of Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat دامت برکاتھم العالیہ, is also mailed to them as a reply.

11. Fataawa

Islamic brothers and sisters also ask Shar'i rulings through letters, emails, and chits. With the help of Daar-ul-Ifta Ahl-e-Sunnat, Fataawa are also delivered to them by post or email.

12. SMS service for becoming Mureed

Thousands of Islamic brothers and sisters are becoming 'Attari every month by using this SMS service. Hundreds of Islamic brothers contact through this service daily. To become 'Attari through SMS, send a message on this number: 0092-321-2626112

According to a conservative estimate, one new person becomes 'Attari at every 8th minute on average through web and SMS service. Those becoming 'Attari by other means are not included in it.

Madani activities promoted through the stalls of Ta'weezat-e-'Attariyyah

  1. الحمدللہ عزوجل More than 100 Madani Qafilahs of 3 days travel monthly from these stalls.
  2. الحمدللہ عزوجل Ten to eleven thousand new Islamic brothers attend the weekly Ijtima'aat from these stalls.
  3. الحمدللہ عزوجل Monthly thousands of Madani In'amaat booklets are presented to new Islamic brothers who come to get Ta'weezat-e-'Attariyyah.Through these stalls, more than 50,000 booklets, cassettes, and VCDs of Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat دامت برکاتھم العالیہ,are sold and distributed monthly (by persuading people to distribute the booklets in place of Niyaz and Sheerni etc).
  4. الحمدللہ عزوجلMore or less 25,000 Islamic brothers are entered into 'Attariyyah lineage monthly by the Majlis and by these stalls.
  5. الحمدللہ عزوجلMadani donations are also collected through these stalls in millions.
  6. الحمدللہ عزوجلGlad tidings are often heard that non-Muslims have embraced Islam by virtue of the persuasion made at these stalls.
  7. الحمدللہ عزوجلBy virtue of these stalls, every month several Islamic brothers are made to keep beard, wear 'Imamah, deliver Dars, call Sada-e-Madinah, Travel in Qafilah and study in Tarbiyyati courses, act upon the Madani In'amaat.
  8. الحمدللہ عزوجلThrough these stalls countless Islamic brothers and sisters got amazing effect, due to which many households got associated with the Madani environment. Similarly, a lot of people also donate land or money to Madani Markaz of Dawat e Islami when they are benefitted. The Majlis has published such Madani marvels in various booklets (i.e Khaufnaak bala, pur israar kutta, sengo wali dulhan, khush naseeb mareez, jinno ki dunya, cancer ka elaaj etc) available at Maktaba tul Madina.

NOTE: A forementioned all Madani activities are carried out free of cost just for the pleasure of Allah عزوجل by 'Majlis .
Maktoobat-o-Ta'weezat-e-Attariyyah', a department of Dawat-e-Islami.

Majlis Maktoobat-o-Ta'weezat-e-'Attariyyah (Dawat-e-Islami)